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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Onsen no Tengoku

All right, so last night I was laying in bed and I decided it may be a good idea for me to post some of my old-ish writing. This first one I'm going to post is my favourite imagery-paragraph thing I've ever written :3 If anyone actually does end up reading this, please leave a comment and give me your honest opinion of it :) that would be much appreciated~
Onsen no Tengoku (Onsen of Heaven)

I peel off my yukata, my diffidence evaporating with the mist as I slink, nude, into the onsen. "The water feels lovely" I think to myself. Strangers seemingly avoid the hot springs I laze in, so I have it for myself, sipping sencha and feeling more tranquil at that moment than I ever have in my life. This is my most cherished onsen in all of Japan; tis located on the peak of Fuji-sama, with the most sublime view you will ever cast your eyes upon. Between the lowlands extended beneath me, the haunting morning mist, and the pink, ambrosial sakura blossoms that surround me...well, you could say this is my own personal heaven. I slip downward into the steaming waters, eternally blissful.

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